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Case Studies

A document that presents the user-centered design process and its impact on the application

*The design is only recommended actual implementation may vary*
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My Bharat: Empowering Youth and connecting Opportunities for Development

NeGD, Delhi 23rd oct 2023 to 27th oct 2023 This website, established by the Government of India, serves as an autonomous platform powered by technology to facilitate youth development and youth-led initiatives. It connects young individuals with opportunities in businesses, government departments and non-profit organizations, enabling them to better understand local community issues and contribute to constructive solutions

BHIM: Your Quick and Simple UPI Payment Application

NeGD, Delhi 4th sept 2023 to 15th sept 2023 BHIM, an online application that facilitates swift and hassle-free money transactions via Unified Payments Interface (UPI). With BHIM, you can send direct bank payments to anyone by using their UPI ID or scanning their QR code


SU SWAGATAM: One Stop online portal for Visa Services

NeGD, Delhi 4th sept 2023 to 15th sept 2023 An online portal is designed to assist foreign visitors planning to travel to India. Its primary purpose is to streamline the process of applying for Indian visas from abroad and accessing visa-related services during their stay within India. The portal simplifies the dissemination of Indian visa-related information to its intended audience

Indian Railways

Indian Railways Website: Your Comprehensive Travel Solution

NeGD, Delhi 4th sept 2023 to 15th sept 2023 A portal that provides information and services, encompassing train ticket bookings, reservation status checks, travel planning assistance, bus ticket reservations and real-time train journey tracking

DigiLocker: Transforming digital storage in India with MeitY's initiative

NeGD, New Delhi 13 July-4 August This online portal is an initiative of the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology's (MeitY) Digital India Programme. Its primary objective is to empower citizens by granting them access to genuine digital documents through a Digital Document Wallet. It aims to revolutionize document management by eliminating the necessity for physical copies and enabling seamless sharing of electronic documents among various institutions and organizations


DI UMANG: A unified mobile application for new-age governance

NeGD, New Delhi Start: Feb 23 - Ongoing UMANG, a creation of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and the National e-Governance Division (NeGD), serves as a unified mobile application to facilitate mobile governance in India. It offers a convenient single platform for accessing a wide range of essential e-Government services from both Central and State Government Departments, in addition to enabling utility bill payments

API Setu: Fostering Innovation Through Open Data Sharing

NeGD, New Delhi 01 Feb 23 - Ongoing API Setu is a Government of India initiative, offering an open API platform that facilitates secure and efficient data exchange among various applications. Its primary goal is to encourage innovation by providing a seamless and transparent mechanism for sharing information


DIKSHA: Empowering education through interactive curriculum access

NeGD, New Delhi 9 March - Ongoing The DIKSHA platform provides teachers, students, and parents with access to captivating educational content that aligns with the official school curriculum. You can easily access all your lessons by downloading the DIKSHA application and scanning QR codes found in your textbooks

Poshan Tracker: Leading India Towards a Malnutrition-Free Future

NeGD, New Delhi Dec 22-Ongoing Poshan Tracker, an online portal with its core beneficiaries being pregnant women, lactating mothers, children up to six years of age, and adolescent girls. At its heart, dedicated Anganwadi Workers, along with the support of Anganwadi Helpers, are tirelessly working to combat malnutrition and foster a healthier India


NICler: A mobile based application for School education department, Chhattisgarh

Education Department, Chhattisgarh 20 June 23-Ongoing An education-focused application aimed at streamlining in-class quizzes and enhancing student engagement. This innovative application facilitates quiz administration in classrooms, making it interactive and hassle-free for students

MeriPehchaan: India's Unified National Single Sign-on Platform

NeGD, New Delhi 07 Feb 23 - 21 Feb 23 An online portal that simplifies user authentication by allowing a single set of credentials to provide access to a diverse array of online applications and services, offering substantial benefits to both users and application administrators


Empowering Government Efficiency and Transparency with E-Office Document Management System

NIC, Delhi 13 June 23 – 23 June 23 eOffice is a government document management system that facilitates the seamless flow of documents through workflows in government agencies, promoting efficiency and transparency

Bhasini: Transcending the Language Barrier

NeGD, New Delhi 14 Feb 23 – 17 Feb 23 A National Public Digital Platform dedicated to language development, utilizing artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technologies to enhance citizen services and products


Empowering Youth Leaders: YUVA's Social Engagement Platform

NeGD, New Delhi 22 Dec 22 – 16 March 23 YUVA is an online platform dedicated to nurturing youth leadership and fostering social engagement. It equips young individuals with tools, resources, and opportunities to hone their skills, participate in impactful projects, connect with like-minded peers, and play an active role in community governance

OpenForge: Fostering collaborative e-Governance innovation through open source

NeGD, New Delhi 24 Jan 23 – 25 Jan 23 Open Forge, initiated by the Government of India, promotes open-source software adoption and collaborative development of e-governance applications. It fosters cooperation between government, private organizations, citizens, and developers, encouraging innovative e-governance solutions through shared source code


NAD ABC: Facilitating Student Mobility Across Higher Education Institutions

NeGD, New Delhi Dec -2022 ongoing The online portal of The Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) relies on the National Academic Depository (NAD), where student academic data and awards are stored. ABC facilitates credit transfer initiation, but academic institutions manage credit redemption, certificate issuance, and award records through the NAD Platform

Streamlining Marriage Registration Through Online Processes Department of Registration, Goa

Department, Goa 21 Jun,23 - 2 July,23 A marriage registration application offering streamlined services for citizens to register their marriages online. The website facilitates a rigorous screening process for applications, enables online fee payments, appointment scheduling, and issues digitally signed marriage certificates upon successful registration


Himkosh e-Challan: Empowering Himachal Pradesh with seamless online payment solutions

Transport Department, Himachal Pradesh September 2022 - June 2023 A ticketing or challan application that offers 24/7 payment gateway for the Government of Himachal Pradesh. It enables citizens to deposit government funds online via net banking from listed banks or generate a standardized challan for manual payment at bank counters, all accessible through the Department of Treasuries, Accounts, and Lotteries portal

Phonekhoj: A Compiled directory of Himachal Pradesh State Telephone Directory Service

Department, Himachal Pradesh 14 June 23 - 21 July 23 A centralized and all-encompassing Contact Directory for Himachal Pradesh on a website, serving as a convenient, one-stop hub for quick access to vital details regarding government departments, organizations, educational institutions, and officials operating within the region


Him Atithi: Enhancing Guest Experiences with Room Reservation System

Transport Department, Himachal Pradesh 19 June 23 – 3 July 23 The Guest Room Reservation System is an online platform specifically created for booking accommodations at government guest houses in Himachal Pradesh

HP Cooperation: A Comprehensive Resource for Government Services and Information in Himachal Pradesh

Department, Himachal Pradesh 22 Jun 23 – 6 July 23 The official website for the Government of Himachal Pradesh, which serves as a platform for resolving matters for both government officials and citizens of the state offers a wide range of services and information related to government departments, policies, and citizen services, making it a valuable resource for addressing government-related concerns and inquiries in Himachal Pradesh


DDU-GKY: Empowering Rural Youth Through Skill Training and Employment Opportunities

Ministry of Rural Development 1 Aug 23 - Ongoing The online application that was introduced to serve a dual purpose: building a pool of eligible rural youth for programs and offered a convenient 24x7 application platform for rural youth seeking skill training opportunities. It plays a crucial role in connecting eligible beneficiaries with these Ministry of Rural Development initiatives, empowering rural youth with skills and employment prospects

Digital India: Empowering a Knowledge Economy through Online Initiatives

NeGD, New Delhi Jul 14 – 2 Aug 2023 The "Digital India" initiative is an online portal-driven flagship program of the Government of India, with a vision to transform the nation into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy


MeitY: Pioneering India's Digital Renaissance and Empowerment

NeGD, New Delhi 12 July – 14 July MeitY, an online portal, plays a pivotal role in driving India's transformation into a developed nation and fostering an empowered society. It champions e-Governance to empower citizens, fuels inclusive and sustainable growth in Electronics, IT & ITeS sectors, strengthens India's influence in Internet Governance, and deploys a comprehensive strategy encompassing human resource development, R&D promotion, digital service efficiency, and cybersecurity assurance

LIMBS: Integrating Legal Operations with a Website-Based Litigation Solution

NeGD, New Delhi 27 July- 7 August An online application that employs a standardized template with clear fields for storing, categorizing, and searching legal cases and documents. It efficiently manages administrative procedures and maintains an audit trail, ensuring consistent administrative practices throughout the entire UOI litigation process


DOLA: Elevating Indian Legal Excellence Through Online Innovation

NeGD, New Delhi 01 Aug 23 - 08 Aug 23 The online portal to streamline government litigation, drive legal system reforms, and enhance legal education, profession, and services in India. It cultivates skilled legal professionals with a focus on social responsibility and ethical practice, ready to tackle future challenges nationally and internationally

Uttarakhand Mountaineering Portal: Streamlined Booking and Information Hub for Trekking and Mountaineering Expeditions

Tourism Department, Uttarakhand 23 June 23 - 28 June 23 A tourism platform offering users the ability to seamlessly book trekking and mountaineering adventures. This online portal ensures real-time expedition availability, convenient e-Permit downloads, comprehensive peak information, and a host of other services to enhance the outdoor experience and boost tourism


Star Bus: Efficient and Sustainable Transport Solutions

Transport department, Uttarakhand 24 July - ongoing A bus reservation system managed by the public-sector road transport corporation efficiently serves the state of Uttarakhand and its neighboring areas in North India. This system is designed to provide well-coordinated, comfortable, and cost-effective transportation services while striving for self-sufficiency and expansion as its core objectives

Pathik: UTC Journey Planner

Department, Uttarakhand 8 August 23 – 10 August 23 This mobile application was created by the Uttarakhand Transport Corporation (UTC) in collaboration with the National Informatics Center (NIC). This application is designed to provide convenient access to a range of UTC services for citizens and travelers. It allows users to effortlessly check the availability of seats on UTC buses playing between different stations. With this application, passengers can easily plan their journeys and make informed decisions regarding their travel arrangements


Global Food Regulatory Hub: Aligning with FSSAI Standards

Department, State 19 June 23 - 28 june 23 A website designed to verify and compile global food and dietary regulations, in alignment with the guidelines established by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)

Enhancing the Make in India Website- A Comprehensive Case Study

Department, State 19 June 23 - 28 june 23 A website designed to verify and compile global food and dietary regulations, in alignment with the guidelines established by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)


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