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About UX4G

UX4G aims to assist various government departments in improving the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of their digital applications by redesigning and revamping them. The goal is to create a more user-friendly and enjoyable experience for the end-users

UX4G stands as a comprehensive design framework with the primary objective of enhancing the User Experience (UX) of government applications. This framework is tailored to improve the overall user-friendliness and design of existing digital platforms created by various government agencies



The vision of UX4G entails the creation of a structured framework and guidelines designed to help government departments in the enhancement of user experiences across all government applications. This vision includes the development of a design system with essential repository components required for application design and development. Moreover, a user experience feedback system will be established to empower departments to assess and receive user feedback for the continuous improvement of their services


The objective of UX4G is to identify areas needing improvement in the user experience of government applications. This will help government departments in building a digital library of pre-made web components that can be used again and again. Additionally, it will offer technical guidance and support in using these web components to enhance the user experience








Building an ecosystem for the government

UX4G is actively developing a government ecosystem centered on user-focused design principles. This initiative is important for providing effective and efficient government operations, working in collaboration with state ministries and departments to identify areas that need enhancement. It also focuses on creating solutions to improve user experiences and the delivery of e-services



UX4G adheres to a set of principles that steer and facilitate interactions with various government agencies and users

User Centric Approach

The primary objective is to create government services that are easily accessible, efficient and user-friendly, while considering the needs and experiences of citizens


Effective collaboration with various government departments through open communication which is the key to achieving best results


Encouraging experimentation and creativity to continually enhance the user experience


Ensuring that all government information and services are accountable and consistently deliver results that meet the expectations of users

Accessibility options

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