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Capacity Building 

To enhance better understanding about the standard UX practices in online services within government through awareness workshops and advanced training on UX design thinking, audits, prototype and implementing the design system


The goal is to build capacities within the government with better User Experience. The training programmes include topics such as User Experience, Design System, Usability, Accessibility and other testing approaches to strengthen the flows of government applications throughout India


Awareness Workshop

Awareness workshops conducted by UX4G are educational sessions aimed at introducing the fundamental principles of design, particularly focused on user experience (UX) design. These sessions are conducted for the Central and State/UT Government Ministries/Departments to build capacities of resources

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Skill Upgradation Training Program

Advanced Certification training will be conducted to upgrade the UX capacities within the Government Departments. These are 2–4-days residential training programme in association with the Institutes of National Repute/Industry Experts etc


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