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Explore the links below to improve User Experience and implement various tools and resources for creating user-friendly digital interfaces, as well as to encourage and simplify collaboration among various designers, developers, and service experiences.

Guidelines for Indian Government Websites(GIGW)

It is an initiative by the Indian government to standardize and improve the quality and accessibility of government websites. GIGW provides guidelines and standards for designing and maintaining government websites in India, with the goal of ensuring that these websites are user-friendly, accessible to people with disabilities, and consistent in their design and structure

User Experience Design & Technology Division (UXDT)

The division was formed to spearhead the user-centered front-end design engineering and development process for enhancing the usability quotient of various applications and web portals offered by NIC to various stakeholders. This involves study, research, design, development and testing of usability aspects such as User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Usability Standards and Best Practices

Accessibility options by UX4G

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