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Capacity Building Workshop

To sensitize and raise awareness about User Experience (UX) among various Government Ministries and Departments, and to establish effective UX/UI for public-facing digital services


The capacity-building workshops, organized by UX4G, aim to sensitize government officials regarding UI/UX design, share best practices, and discuss challenges in establishing effective UX/UI for public-facing e-services. The workshop's objective is to assist Departments, Ministries, and State Governments in enhancing user experience-based designs of eGovernance applications and building capacities in this domain


Workshop Agenda Items

Current Scenario of Government

Introduction to User
Experience (UX)

Standard User Experience

Benefits from UX

Case Studies of existing
digital products

Design System & Design
Guidelines by UX4G

National Workshop on Powering Transformation through UI/UX for Digital Governance

A National Workshop on UX and UI was held, bringing together stakeholders from government, industry and other relevant fields to explore the best UI/UX practices for creating intuitive and efficient digital experiences.

National Workshop

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