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UX4G Design Guidelines

UX4G prioritize user-centric design for government websites. The guidelines provide essential insights and principles to create digital experiences that are accessible, efficient, and user-friendly

UX4G Design Guidelines PDF

These comprehensive design guidelines offer practical recommendations to streamline the development process, enhance consistency, and ensure that government applications are not just functional, but also visually appealing. By adhering to these guidelines, government departments can deliver a seamless and engaging online experience, contributing to the overall mission of providing efficient, accountable, and user-centric services to the public.

UX4G invite your observations and feedback on the draft UX guideline to enhance the guideline further which will be helpful in making applications considering the users-first approach to make the users’ journey more easy and simple and as well as to empowering them to use the digital services at their convenience. The feedback can be submitted till 15th January 2024.

You can directly submit your feedback clicking here or writing at


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