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Privacy policy

This policy describes the organization's normal operating procedures for collecting visitor information from this website and linked third-party web apps.

UX4G is committed to preserving visitors' privacy when using the company's official website and linked online apps. The user may choose to input information that is both private and professional to fully utilize the service.

When a visitor performs actions like joining up, signing in, uploading information, filling out the form, uploading an image or document, submitting an online application / Email, or interacting with us via the contact form, the organization collects information. Visitors start website transactions, such as filling out and submitting registration or application forms. The organization also collects the visitor's email address and message content (including attachments). This data is used to:

  • Respond to the email.
  • Address any concerns raised in the email.
  • Send the information to the relevant department for screening, response, or other action.
  • Personal information should be kept for office records. The organization is committed to not selling visitors' email addresses for commercial purposes.

Information may be gathered in the form of preferences or permissions provided by visitors when they check in to the website. The visitor has the option of not completing such acts on the official UX4G website. Failure to complete these tasks may preclude a visitor from receiving particular information, services, or goods via the official UX4G website. However, failing to perform these acts has no impact on activities like surfing and downloading.


Visitors provide their personal information voluntarily through the following actions:

  • Completing registration and signing in
  • Information required for profile creation
  • Filling out the application form

Disclosure of Information

Disclosure of information only takes place after the consent of the visitor. The voluntary submission of personal information by a visitor, whether solicited or unsolicited, constitutes consent to the collecting and disclosure of the information by UX4G for the purposes for which the visitor gave the information to UX4G. UX4G can disclose the information without consent, to comply

UX4G can disclose the information without consent, to comply with the law against unauthorized access to UX4G's assets.


All voluntarily provided information including personal information is retained by UX4G. Visitors provide information to UX4G through processes including, but not limited to:

  • Sending an email
  • Filling profile creation form
  • Filling out a survey or application form

Confidentiality and Legality

UX4G employs measures, such as but not limited to authentication, monitoring, scanning, auditing, and encryption, to protect the integrity of its information technology assets. As part of the organization's ongoing commitment to the security of electronic content and the electronic transmission of information, such security processes are incorporated into the design, implementation, and day-to-day operations of official UX4G websites. UX4G employs software to monitor traffic to detect unauthorized attempts to upload and update information. This is done for website security reasons and to ensure the website's availability.


The policy informs the visitors about the technical information collected on the concerned page. It also describes how personal information is collected while navigating the website. Other website privacy notices include, but are not limited to cookies, and third-party applications. Additional information exchange or disclosure may be covered in these alerts.


This privacy policy is only applicable to UX4G official website. It does not apply to mobile applications and other browser applications.

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