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Design System

The design system is a digital library of ready-to-use components that promote and simplify collaboration among designers and developers. It comes with a step-by-step guide for designing and developing any application


Purpose of Design

The purpose of the design system is to act as a digital repository of reusable components, effectively reducing redundant work and saving valuable time. This resource comprises of a pattern library and framework, enabling designers and developers to operate with increased efficiency and enhance the overall experience for end users

For Developers

Designed for developers

The design system optimizes developer’s speed, quality and collaboration efforts by implementing and adopting existing reusable components, which improves the overall development process and reduces developer time for government applications

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For Designers

Design System for

The design system assists designers in improving the quality of government applications by utilizing a library of reusable and creative components, which saves time and avoids duplication

Design Kit
Case Study

UX4G Design System - Building a Design System for the Government

The UX4G Design System is developed to improve the user experience across government applications, and digital services. The aim is to enhance the consistency, usability....

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