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Design Guidelines

Design guidelines are a set of established principles, rules and recommendations that serve as a reference for designers, developers and other stakeholders when creating digital applications. These guidelines aim to maintain consistency, quality and alignment with a specific design idea or brand identity


Purpose of Design

Design guidelines act as a reference to ensure that design elements are consistently applied and aligned with specific standards and objectives. By offering clear standardized principles, these guidelines promote a likable and user-friendly experience that adds consistency and enhances the overall design quality, thus resulting in a more effective and trustworthy application

Mobile First Approach

The mobile-first approach means creating a design for mobile devices (like smartphones and tablets). This approach helps ensure that the design works effectively for most users who are using mobile devices


Compliance Matrix

A compliance matrix is created for all government departments to ensure that various requirements and specifications are adhered to. This matrix aids designers and developers in resolving any encountered issues while ensuring that all necessary tasks and standards are duly addressed and met

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